OK Here's the stuff.

2017-03-26 22:31:55 by LazerJay

Hey guys, I'm back today and ending the week with two new paintings up on my page. The first one called "Blood Hunt" shows off Eto Tucker, a bloodhunter and head of the Guild of Langweille. It's his meticulous cataloging and research into all things monstrous and supernatural that he hopes will one day haul humanity back up the food chain where it belongs.

The second “Changeling” is of Nadica, a woman whose true origins remain a mystery; Abandoned as a child once her fey traits first emerged when she turned thirteen. She’s done her best to lead a normal life in Langeweille ever since.

But how can either; the Hunter or the Changeling, ever live a “normal” life? Being extraordinary runs in their veins.




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